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Mike Campbell Enterprises

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About Mike Campbell Enterprises

Men are at war with themselves - many the damage is done internally, while for others it makes its way into the family and community. A large responsibility for this falls on the societal model of what it means to be a man and how we're educating our men and boys. The results of which we see in statistics from mental health and suicide to domestic violence. My business exists to change the path to and definition of manhood, educating and empowering men on a broader and more integrated model of masculinity; equal parts heart and backbone. We are for the everyday man, with our number one aim being engaging men into addressing who they are and how they show up in their lives. We do this by making personal development simple, accessible, and applicable for everyday men to be honest with themselves, and bring clarity and confidence to their career, relationships, and lives.

Job description

My major need - someone who can help me amplify my message of making personal development simple, accessible, and applicable for everyday men to start navigating their lives and relationships, and communities more effectively. I need someone reliable to hand over some of the management and daily strategy reins to free me up to focus on major strategic planning and content creation.

I have an ongoing social media management need - including short term campaigns for lead magnets and events, as well as ongoing daily social media strategy planning and execution. This role is for someone on the Free traffic/content Social media side of things, however, open to support on the paid content/ads side if experienced in this.

Potential for the right person here is an ongoing and permanent role, but this a punchy first step to see both what you can so in this time with this task, and help me by spreading the load and amplifying my message and change the face of masculinity and how men show up in the community.

The role will include posting/managing calendar, small elements of content creation and curation - utilising content in different platforms and ways, etc. If so skilled - making videos for social media out of raw files I create OR arranging with fellow freelancers.

I'm based on the Gold Coast, but work can be entirely remote.

  • Miami QLD, Australia
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Video Production
  • Photo Editing