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About StartSomeGood

At StartSomeGood, we offer ambitious, motivated and creative people the opportunity to use their skills on a meaningful project. We are a start-up crowdfunding platform for social enterprises and entrepreneurs to make the world a better place, and want to harness the potential of people like yourself in doing so!

Job description

Are you interested in doing, rather than listening? Do you want a meaningful and practical work experience, rather than data-entry and file management?

You will have the chance to co-create your own major project, as well as helping out with the many events, opportunities and experiments we are running.

We’re looking for those with ambition and creativity. We’re looking for those who are passionate about achieving social justice. We’re looking for those who are highly motivated and reliable. And we’re looking for those who are able to take an idea, run with it without constant hand-holding and take pride in their efforts. Design and video production skills go a long way, but open to anyone!

Previous interns have co-created our #StartingGood Virtual Summit, attracting 1300 participants in the first year, have developed our Grow It! crowdfunding guide for food entrepreneurs and developed a set of video assets.

Sydney-based interns are ideal, but open to everyone!

We will have to discuss compensation in future discussions

  • Fairly remote, but we work out of Haymarket HQ in china town
  • Web & Mobile Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production