Computer Vision Wizard - Closes by 21 January 2019


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About GeoInteractive

Subterra AI i s a leading underground mapping and intelligence company. Our focus is to help infrastructure owners better understand the condition of their underground and hard to access assets. We work with government and professional engineering companies around the globe.

Job description

● You will become our go to person for everything related to 3D and computer vision. You will keep the rest of the team up-to-date with the latest computer vision techniques and technology; ● You will build software to digitally reconstruct dark and dangerous underground environments, so people can inspect them from the comfort and safety of their own digital device; ● You will use open source and custom solutions to design and build a robust 3D mapping workflow for data coming in from all around the world, and from any device with a camera; ● Deploy the software onto cloud computing services that are optimised for each stage of the 3D Reconstruction/processing pipeline; ● Ensure the outputs of the 3D reconstructions can be imported into other tools/viewers for further processing and analysis.

Essential Requirements: ● You demonstrate extreme curiosity in your area of expertise and are constantly pushing the boundaries of domain knowledge; ● You demonstrate initiative and contribute to achieving team objectives as part of a multidisciplinary global team; ● You take pride in your work and strive to produce the highest quality outputs at all times; ● You can effectively communicate technical concepts to a range of audiences from technical peers, to curious a 6-year old! ● You will have a strong aptitude for Computer Science, Mathematics or a related field with an emphasis on Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Photogrammetry or similar; ● You have more than 2-years of experience iin Computer Vision using advanced photogrammetry techniques for estimating accurately scaled 3D point clouds and camera view points from large image sets in either a professional and/or serious personal capacity. ● You have strong skills in Python and preferably C/C++; ● You have a working knowledge of high-performance computing in the cloud, and are able to deploy your solutions onto infrastructure optimised for each stage of the processing pipeline.

  • Sydney NSW, Australia
  • Software Development
  • 3D & Industrial Design
  • Web & Mobile Design
  • Photo Editing
  • Machine Learning