We're looking for a superstar to help with the development & launch of our app.

Longevity App

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About Longevity App

Longevity App is an exciting new fintech startup - about to launch an app that helps you save a little extra for retirement every time you spend. By automatically topping up your Super with 1% extra (default) through your everyday transactions, Longevity App helps you proactively boost your Superannuation but in such a kick-arse way that you barely even realise you’re doing it. So, for example, if you spend $100 on groceries, an additional $1 (or 1%) would get tallied up to go into your Super at the end of the month.

We love what we do and we’re excited about bringing someone else on board to help us change the financial future for us all, once cent at a time.

See www.mylongevityapp.com & https://mylongevityapp.com/faq/ for more information.

Job description


As we prepare Longevity App for launch in the upcoming months, we're after to join our team to support us with the development and launch of Longevity App. Tasks range across tech and product and there's some great scope for leaning loads of new skills and applying what you've learnt in the classroom to real life situations. If you want to develop your skills & step up your career vs your peers, you must apply.

Main duties include: * Work in a team that designs, builds and integrates slick new features into a mobile app * Assist with tactical work, including bug fixes, small features, UI improvements and monitoring * Get involved in the larger strategy, with data design, system integration and platform creation * Code up new software features and maintain existing features * Explore both manual and automated feedback data for insights into customer experience * Consider the customer experience and invent ways to improve it * Document processes for specifications to ensure quality * Assist in developing user guide/manuals as necessary

Skills: * If you’ve experience in the following - we’d love to hear from you: * Deep problem solving, Creative solutioning. 'Fear No Technology', 'Get it Done' Attitude * Web / Software / Mobile Development (C#/F#, Xamarin, iOS, Android, Microsoft Azure, AWS) * NoSQ Database Administration * General Tech (Software Engineering, Computer Science, Web Development, Data Analytics, QA / Testing) * Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related field (past or current) * Strong customer relationship skills and an ability to tolerate lots of super puns

JOB DETAILS: Internship * $20 - $30 per hour * 1 - 2.5 days per week * 3+ months duration * Location - Sydney, NSW, Australia

Perks: * Longevity App swag * Be part of the most exciting phases of a startups life - launch! * Work out of one of Sydney’s best CBD-based co-working spaces - although location and hours are flexible

  • Sydney NSW, Australia
  • Software Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Database Administration
  • Help Desk & IT Support
  • Tech Wiz - IT, Programming, Dev, Software Eng, Mobile Apps, Front & Back end